About Job Creation: Just asking, Mr. President.

I know that you (and many other millionaires in Congress) had the expensive Harvard and Yale educations,  so I’m probably missing something here since I graduated from a lowly state university. Perhaps you can ‘splain it to me.

We had the Bush tax cuts for 8 years and the result over those 8 years as reported by the Washington Post was zero net job growth.  Tax cuts for the rich and job creation have absolutely zero correlation.  That appears to be a proven fact as far as I can tell. Furthermore, if tax cuts for the rich stimulate the economy, don’t you think that after 8 years of such vigorous stimulation by the Bush tax cuts that the U.S. economy should be booming?  So, Mr. President, what exactly was your justification for supporting their continuance for another two years?  Another, less polite way of putting it:  What the hell were you and Congress thinking?  Obviously it was not about the majority of the American people.