So Now The Tax Cuts Can Be Made Permanent

The Great Bipartisan Deal has been made wherein the cuts by federal government spending will be paid for by shared sacrifice.

Its funny the hole that they plan to fill is pretty much the same size as they dug with the  extension of the Bush tax cuts.

So all the huffing and puffing about saving America from the evil socialist scourge can now be put aside, the tax cuts have been paid for so now it is time to make them permanent.

We can now turn to working in a truly bipartisan way fashion  by privatizing large chunks of our social programs.

We can also turn our attention to cutting corporation taxes even though small mom and pop businesses such as General Electric don’t pay them anyway.

A yes the socialists are on the run. Republican hostage taking for the last couple of years has assured its demise we are now back on track with the American Dream, and the Great Society can go hang.

I would like to congratulate the politicians in DC for working together in a bipartisan way in pushing their agenda forward, all the pearl clutching was just for show.

So now that we are back to square one what is left to cut? Forget about raising taxes to really share the sacrifice, lets cut where it has most effect and hit the poorest hardest once again.

The largest budget cut in history just paid for the giveaway of the century. Are the bankers and Wall St still suffering? Well we can give them a hand by privatizing parts of medicare and social security, after all the money will be safe in their knowledgeable hands.

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