What is this story about?

Yet while people have been driven out of their homes, had their neighbourhoods bulldozed and been left to starve, the stock exchange has outperformed the world. As this chart shows, the index has soared from in the past year from roughly 5,000,000 in March-May up to 55,000,000 in early July (an eleven-fold increase), before subsiding to 32,107,842 at close of play on Aug 22.

But, as the decline over recent weeks shows, that's probably a doomed hope – economic mismanagement on this scale brings everything down, in the end.

 If this sounds like the US investment bank / mortage / insurance crash, it may give you some perspective to know with whom we can be compared.

The story is from last year, and it's about Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.

Yep, we sound almost as bad as a third world country run by a dictator. I find that terribly pathetic.