Here’s The Deal

I’ve had it with the manufactured outrage over the "ground zero" Islamic community center, the republican Wurlitzer playing a tune of bigotry, faux outrage and the noun and verb of 9/11 in incredible harmony.

So I have a proposal. If the republicans, as well as the assorted and miscellaneous rednecks who claim to be so concerned with the symbolism of an Islamic Community Center so close to their holy ground of "Ground Zero" then perhaps we should work out a trade.

There were about 3,000 men and women presumably of all faiths killed in attack on 9/11 and the outrage machine is trying to paint the rights of some Americans to build a place of worship and fellowship in some degree of proximity to the still not-begun WTC complex. In the treasonous war of secession aka "The Civil War" about 625,000 Americans died from combat or related causes and yet the State of South Carolina still flies a flag with the symbol of the treason of the Southern states on it and the same republicans who criticize the Islamic center dance with joy over the symbol of oppression and death that that flag represents to millions of Americans.

How about they take the treasonous "stars and bars" off that flag, and then talk about denying the Islamic Americans their right to practice their First Amendment right of Religion.

No double standards here, no sir-ee. IOKIYAR always and forever.

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