Seminal Water Cooler: Respect Due

I’ve got to say, watching my president stand and deliver last night felt pretty good. He might not have said all the things I wanted to hear, but I recognize that I’m only one man and he’s got millions to satisfy. So, tonight, let’s shift the spotlight from Obama’s approval rating and shine it on his credit rating.

Where is BHO not getting his due?

For my part, I’ll back-pat Obama because he is the Green FDR. Sure, I wanted to to see all the bells and whistles pulled out to battle climate change on day 1 and, sure, I’ve been disappointed in the (relative) lack of action, but this post from Climate Progress puts some things into perspective:

Let’s remember, for instance, that Obama will raise new car fuel efficiency standard to 39 mpg by 2016 — The biggest step the U.S. government has ever taken to cut CO2. And the Obama EPA declared carbon pollution a serious danger to Americans’ health and welfare requiring regulation.  The final EPA announcement should come this month, leading to the first ever national global warming regulations (at least for new power plants) — no matter what Congress does.  Of course Obama helped get through the House of Representatives its first ever climate bill, which is also the first clean air bill in two decades — see The U.S. House of Representatives approves landmark (bipartisan!) climate bill, 219 – 212. Waxman-Markey would complete America’s transition to a clean energy economy, which started with the stimulus bill.

And then we have that amazing stimulus.  Nate Silver of, in his post “Obama Has Cut Taxes for 98.6 Percent of Working* Households**” asserts, “One thing I don’t quite get has been the White House’s reluctance to highlight the non-infrastructure parts of the stimulus package.”  In fact, the White House hasn’t done a very good job of touting the $100 billion in clean energy benefits of the infrastructure or most of its other energy and environmental achievements.  Since the media, among others, seems to have forgotten, let me excerpt from my April 26 post, “The Green FDR: Obama’s first 100 days make — and may remake — history“:

Obama has clearly demonstrated he has a serious chance to be the first President since FDR to remake the country through his positive vision.  Indeed, if Obama is a two-term president, if he achieves even half of what he has set out to, he will likely be remembered as “the green FDR.”

And you? Where do you think Barack Obama is getting shorted?

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