Top Kill Failed

I have been pointing out for some time that from the start all of BP’s attempts to shut off the oil; have been attempts to catch the oil.
Now that Top Kill Failed, and was destined to from the start. Pumping mud into a pipe with an open end, and expecting the mud to be forced down the well, was quite a stretch to believe. It was an attempt to get people off their backs while they readied this next attempt to catch the oil.
What better way to pay for all of this, than to catch the oil while the relief wells are being drilled.
Our Government and all those people we pay well from the Coast Guard to the Cabinet Secretarys, and including the ones with with the Degree’s and Nobel Prizes are suckers for what BP tells them.
Rememeber that pipe they stuck in the end of the big pipe to catch some of that oil. Those robots had to stick that pipe, which was attached to a mile of pipe being held up by a surface rig into that pipe. This was ten times harder than it would have been to install a valve on the well, or figure out how to plumb the Blow Out Preventers Rams to a surface pressure supply forcing them closed. After all that’s what the BOP’s rams were supposed to do had it have worked. I’m sure between the BOP’s manufacturer and all those Scientists and Engineers they could have figured out a way, had someone thought of it, or wanted it.
BP in this News Conference, and past News Conferences is given credibility by our Government fools being at their side. BP is using these boobs just like they use everybody, because they have no idea of anything but what BP tells them.
I don’t make this statement lightly, but I think BP with-in a matter of days could have shut this well off even at a mile down but really didn’t want to.
James Carville on CNN said He still believes BP wants to shut off the well, but so do most people, our Government, and all the Officials that are charged with watching over them.
The world believed for many Centuries the World was flat. We still believe our Military can win WARS and protect us. Yes WE believe our Government and the People in it know what their doing.
So it is a proven fact that people believe things that are wrong, and especially if it’s spun to them by BP.

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