Happy Weekend! Coming up on Food Sunday or Saturday Art

The cocktail hour is upon us and that can mean only one thing — well, actually two things. It’s Art Saturday tomorrow and Food Sunday to follow.

On Saturday you can look forward to:

  • A little Fauvism brought to you by massacio;
  • Another chapter of Phoenix Woman’s novel;
  • Lance Steagall will share a couple works by Jake Remington and Mitchell Frye;
  • The next installment from Bill Egnor’s serialized novel;

And on Sunday, we’ll serve up:

  • Shirred eggs by alanaclaire, who’ll share them over thoughts of France;
  • And I’m betting on some nice bread from Bill Egnor, too; what will it be?

What about you? Is there some art which spoke to you this past week that you’d like to share with us? Or perhaps there’s a favorite dish you’ve not cooked in a long time that you’d love to savor again? Don’t be shy, crack open a diary and tell us all about it.

On Sunday I’m going to be dealing with the little buggers you see here. I only planted a couple of them, but I’m picking one of these emerald beasts each day.  They are going to be turned into one of my kids’ favorites — stay tuned to find out what that is!

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