Roundtable on Kalamazoo, Washington, and Maine’s ballot initiatives

Below is a roundtable I just recorded on the ballot initiatives in Maine, Washington, and Kalamazoo. In on the discussion were Joe Mirabella, the LGBT community blogger for Seattle Post-Intelligencer and worked as a social networking consultant for the approve R-71 campaign; Amy Hunter, who sits on the board of Michigan Equality and was the director of operations for the One Kalamazoo campaign; and Bilerico contributor Sara Whitman, who volunteered in Maine and is on the board of MassEquality.

We talked about the campaigns’ messaging, the rightwing scaremongering, whether marriage is the right battle right now, and what happens now. It was good to get this recorded before the post-campaign narratives solidify. (And sorry to folks in Washington, I kept on saying “civil unions” instead of “domestic partnerships.”)

I can’t embed the podcast player here, but you can click here to listen to it or right-click here to download it.