Vote On Equal Housing & Employment in OH Postponed

I had tuned in yesterday to hear the OH house session – the calendar had HB 176 (Equal Housing & Employment) on the agenda, but apparently the vote has been postponed.  There is still time to contact legislators in Ohio, information is below the foldThe letter from Equality OH
They Are Out-Calling Us 2-1

Tomorrow's House of Representative's Voting Session has been canceled.  This means that there will NOT be a vote on HB 176, the Equal Housing and Employment Act this week.
It is still possible that the House will vote on HB 176 next week.  Those opposed to the bill will keep up the pressure, so we need to do the same.
Our allies in the House continue to tell us that those opposed to the bill have been contacting them to vote NO on HB 176 two times more than they are receiving contacts to vote YES!  These contacts really do make a difference to some legislators.

We should not take any YES vote for granted.
Even if you have called or written before, we need you to do BOTH again!
So far just over 1000 pro-equality email messages have been sent to the Ohio House of Representatives.  Those opposed have sent over twice that many.  We need to keep the pressure on!  Sending an email through our Action Alerts takes only a few minutes and could make the difference.  With a few extra minutes you could send the alert on to your friends, post it to your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Use this URL when posting to other sites
Also, feel free to call or write your legislator a letter.  You can find your legislator by name with a phone number to call at