Good Morning, Blend

Howdy!  Still up, 2AM here on the Left Coast, getting all the research completed for the debut of The “Radical” Russ Show (Beta) today at 6AM.

I’ve got my website back up at with a very simple chat client setup, as well as the links to the live streams for those of you unable to listen on terrestrial radio on AM 1360 KLSD San Diego.  (If you’re up, pop over so I can see a quick test of the chat.)

I’ve got four main stories on tap:

  • Walter Reed

  • Broken National Guard
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • The Coultergeist

As well as a bunch of other stuff.  I’m doing this Beta show as demo material for the nationwide debut on April 7th, so call in if you can. 

Call in Live – 6am-8am Pacific – 1-866-557-7377

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