Katrina tells you all you need to know about Bush’s “values”

According to a new article in the Washington Post, the United States was offered hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to help out the hurricane-ravaged city of New Orleans after Katrina.  The result?  Typical — far too typical — Bush Administration Cheneyburton Maladministration corruption, malfeasance, and plain-old bone-headed waste (from the Rude Pundit):

This is not to mention that the United States only made the effort to collect $126 million of the $850 million that other countries wanted to give us. The Bush administration delayed so long in getting the cash that other nations just said, “Fuck it” and walked away, or they gave it to the Red Cross. The U.S. declined 54 of 77 offers of aid from, like, Canada. And that included search and rescue teams.

Because, you know, we’ve got plenty of money and help for New Orleans, so we can just decline some $724 million.  (More from ThinkProgress.)

The amount spent so far? $40 million.  …[M]uch of it [the foreign aid] was declined outright (including $400 million of oil from the United Arab Emirates) or redirected to private charities like the Red Cross. Bush’s State Department sent “thanks, but no thanks” letters to nations around the world.  Of the rest, about $126 million, most of it was squandered or wasted. Supplies spoiled in the elements and bureaucratic limits and mismanagement kept it from being spent.

Heckuva job, Bushies.  Wherever you’re living in America as you read this, just remember: this is the response you’ll get if your city is ravaged by an earthquake, hurricane, or god-forbid, a terrorist attack.  Well, I mean, if your city isn’t Beverly Hills, Hyde Park, or the Upper East Side… seems to me like your chances of getting the Bush government’s help seem directly proportional to the population of poor non-white people surrounding you (again, Rude Pundit:)

And this is how Jean describes New Orleans: “We are tired. Three years and counting. No place to send children to school. A police system ineffective. A hospital system that is no system. A place where leaking sewer and water lines in the streets is normal, as are rats and mice in the streets. A place where it takes 2 years to get electricity back in your house. A place where city blocks for miles after almost 3 years look like Hiroshima, Baghdad, and Haiti, all wrapped up in a blanket of bull…or shit…human shit…a place where shit, debris, mold and mildew are a daily way of life in the streets all over this dying city. And dying it is…with a cancer eating away at the soul of a people defeated. A middle class gone.”

“An engineer who moved to the other side of the Lake Ponchartrain. An architect/close friend and family moved to Austin permanently. My wife’s friends…teachers who have moved to Texas, North Carolina, etc.” As for who’s moving in, Jean says, “Brazilians, Hondurans, Mexicans, and a hodge podge of professionals from the Northeast.” Carpetbaggers and aliens, legal and illegal. Seems like history just repeats itself with New Orleans.

Kanye West was right: George Bush doesn’t care about black people.

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