Rare Praise for Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR)

It’s not often I get to post something good about Oregon’s Republican Senator Gordon Smith.  So, it’s only fair that I note he was one of the 53 senators who voted for cloture on the resolution to call for “no confidence” on Alberto Gonzalez.

Conservatives kill Gonzales no-confidence vote. Moments ago, the no-confidence measure on Alberto Gonzales came up seven votes short of a procedural hurdle, passing 53-38. The vote was largely down party lines, except for seven Republicans who supported the measure (Coleman, Collins, Hagel, Smith, Snowe, Specter, Sununu) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), who opposed it.

So seven Republicans voted for it, and there are 51 Democatic votes… hey, the math’s wrong!  Where’s all the Dem votes?

Oh.  I see.  Presidential candidates Biden (D-MBNA), Obama (D-IL), and Dodd (D-CT) couldn’t be bothered to vote on the measure.  At least Tim Johnson (D-SD) had a legitimate excuse.  And good ol’ Holy Joe Lieberman (CFL-Israel) voted with the Republicans.

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