Christians spend $90,000 rebutting Kathy Griffin

Oh, you silly Christians.  How many poor, sick, starving people could you help with $90,440?

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. – Members of a Christian theater troupe are spreading the word that they’re irate about Kathy Griffin’s off-color speech in accepting a creative arts Emmy earlier this month.

The Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge spent $90,440 on a full-page advertisement in USA Today that ran nationally Monday, proclaiming “enough is enough.”

In case you missed it, Kathy said “Suck it, Jesus” while joking about how entertainers cravenly invoke Christ as the reason for winning an award.

“We at The Miracle Theater consider it an honor to stand for Jesus today,” the ad said. “We may never win a national award. We may never be household names. We may never be seen in Hollywood. Although others may choose to use their national platform to slander our God, we are honored as professional entertainers to stand for Christ.”

Good for you.  See, the First Amendment means you can have your free speech!  That also means that Kathy Griffin has that right, too.  (I’m asking a lot to expect people who don’t understand “no law respecting an establishment of religion” to get the other parts of the First Amendment, but I try.)

“When word reached our cast that a Hollywood celebrity had stood before TV cameras and said such vulgar things about Christ, they were incensed,” he said. “It’s just not OK anymore to mock Christians and Jesus with impunity.”

Nyah nyah nyah nyah, Christians wear Army boots and Jesus was a pootie-head!  Nyah nyah!

Listen, true believers, that’s YOUR god, not mine.  YOU have proscriptions against using his name in vain, not us.  Why must we curb our speech to conform to your religion?

Weren’t you the same people criticizing the Muslims for their offense at Mohammed cartoons?  At least I can credit you for not rioting and issuing death threats.  On the other hand, the Muslims didn’t blow ninety large to whine about it.  Somehow, I think both Jesus and Mohammed are a little more than disappointed.

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