More Fine Heterosexual Parenting

Thank goodness some states, like Florida, don’t let gay couples adopt and others are considering or have considered bans on gay adoption.  Why, who knows what awful parents gay people would be, what with their awful gayness.  The poor kid might get gay cooties or something.

Better we just let the straights in Florida keep up their fine examples of parenting:

Toddler’s Skin Burned Off During Hot Oil-Hair Dryer Torture

APOPKA, Fla. — A Central Florida man is accused of pouring hot cooking oil on a 17-month-old and using a hair dryer to burn his skin off because the toddler apparently would not stop crying and whining.

But at least he’s not being raised by teh gays!  (More repugnant heterosexual parenting after the jump…)

Kids Found In Cold Truck; Man Arrested

MILLINGTON, Tenn. — Police in Millington have charged a man with felony child abuse and neglect after his young sons were found in his truck in below-freezing weather while he shopped.

A shopper at a Wal-Mart store called police early Wednesday afternoon when she saw the boys, ages 6 and 5, alone in the truck cab.

The police report noted the temperature was 27 degrees.

But thank god those boys didn’t have to grow up with two mommies!

Britney Spears hospitalized

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Pop star Britney Spears remained hospitalized Friday, hours after police were called to her home Thursday night to mediate a custody dispute.

According to the AP, officers were called to Spears’ house around 8 p.m. to respond to a custodial dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline over their sons, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, Officer Jason Lee of the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Police initially said Spears was taken to a hospital for tests to see if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and for a psychological evaluation after the situation at her home, but Officer April Harding said Friday she could not confirm that or other reports that Spears was hospitalized for mental evaluation.

“For her own welfare, she was transferred to a local hospital for medical treatment,” Harding said, according to The Associated Press.

(I’m pretty sure that K-Fed emerging as the more responsible parent is one of the prophecies foretelling the end times are near.  Either Isaiah or Ezekiel; I can’t recall which…)

Grandparents Secretly Tape Child Beating

Sgt. Alfred Gene Bullock is accused of beating his 3-year-old stepson at his wife’s parents’ home.

Bullock is on leave from the 101st Airborne Division.

The child’s grandparents secretly taped Bullock. They recorded Bullock hitting the child with a belt more than 25 times on Christmas Day.

The child was taken to the hospital.

“He had bruises across his buttocks, on his right hip, mid back,” Martin said. “He had a scrape on his right shoulder, had a bruise on his right ear.”

But at least the boy is not being taught that boys who like boys are normal!

My wife and I would really really like to start a family, but she’s had endometriosis and natural conception would be nigh impossible.  With $50,000, we could start the discussion on fertility clinics, or for $20,000, we could begin an adoption proceeding.  For free we could become foster parents, but we don’t know if we have the stomach to handle the troubles kids in the foster system, then have to see them leave when family issues are straightened out.

So every time I read one of these abuse stories about some breeder who thoughtlessly deposits some seed only to beat and abuse the child that results from the act, it’s like a punch in the gut.  Here we are, two fine, upstanding, employed, responsible, loving people who would give a child a nurturing and caring environment, and we can’t have kids, but the people with functioning reproductive parts and f*cked-up thinking parts can spit out abusee after abusee without so much as a license or a test (not that I advocate for such, but still…) who will then grow up to perpetuate the cycle of abuse if they have kids.

I can’t even imagine how much worse this would feel were we a gay couple being told by our government (and, by extension, fellow citizens) that our love made us ineligible to parent.

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