Indiana Republican on Hitler’s Birthday and Porn Mule Womanslaughtering

With a hat-tip to The Rude Pundit, I bring you today’s Republican congressional candidate campaign photo of the week:

This is Tony Zirkle, a Republican candidate for House from Indiana’s 2nd district who spoke at a Hitler birthday party (seriously) for the Illinois Nazi Party*.  When asked about why he would speak before a neo-Nazi group, he replied:

“I’ll speak before any group that invites me,” Zirkle said Monday. “I’ve spoken on an African-American radio station in Atlanta.”

See, Zirkle’s a straight-shooter who don’t pay no mind to how controversial an audience might be.  Why, he’ll even speak to black people!

Zirkle said he did not know much about the neo-Nazi group and that his intention was to talk on his concern about “the targeting of young white women and for pornography and prostitution.”

The event was not the first time Zirkle has raised controversy on race issues. In March, Zirkle raised the idea of segregating races in separate states. Zirkle said Tuesday he’s not advocating segregation, but said desegregation has been a failure.

(Now, to be fair, the Indiana Republican Party has denounced Zirkle and he has virtually no chance of winning.)

Zirkle is a dyed-in-the-wool Bible-thumper, too.  You can find lots of Scripture all throughout his campaign website.  But the most fun aspect of the Tony Zirkle Experience is his one-man jihad against pornography, the Zionists who run the industry, and the black “porn mules” that commit “woman womb slaughter” against “young, white, Christian” girls**.

An account of the gathering on [a white supremacist website I won’t link to] says “Zirkle spoke on his history as a state’s attorney in Indiana, prosecuting Jewish and Zionist criminal gangs involved in trafficking prostitutes and pornography from Russia and the Zionist entity.”

Zirkle said he feels he was misunderstood. His real mission, he said, is to rid the country of pornography, and that’s what he was saying at the ANSWP gathering. So how did his comment about Jews fit in?

“Most of the male porn stars were Jewish at the beginning,” Zirkle explained.

Now the male porn stars are mostly black, he claimed, and the women who appear in pornographic works tend to be “young, white, Christian women.”

If people think he is targeting the Jews, he said, they are misinterpreting his position. He is targeting, Zirkle said, the “porn dragon” that inspires Jews to get involved in pornography.

Jewish men are culpable for running the business end of the pornography business, he said, but young white women are guilty of starring in it.

It’s tough to judge the most significant of Zirkle’s traits, his racism, his anti-Semitism, or his misogyny.  Maybe this bit of his insight, from the post “The Great Porn Jihad War Tax: Prolific Porn Mule Serial Woman-Womb Slaughterers”, will help settle the debate:

The Nazis murdered on a previously unprecedented scale; however, the efficiency of the porn industry’s womanslaughtering is rapidly becoming its rival. If we had accurate metrics to calculate the current porn slaughter of what is very often busty blond white “Christian” women, who often dangle a cross below their necks, we might be able to argue that one of the most efficient contemporary international genocidal operations abounds in this particular white flesh market.

How is this? For example, examine the nature of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV has become so wide-spread in our culture that it is almost a sign of simply having fornicated prior to marriage. Porn mules who fornicate with hundreds or thousands of women will almost to a 100% certainty be infected with HPV at a minimum. Men will typically show no outward signs or symptoms; however, women will suffer the internal consequences of cervical cancer, sterility and even death.

Porn mules abuse women’s body temples to the maximum degree, infect virtually every single one with at least the HPV, genocidally kill their wombs in a matter of years, and render them all but lifetime unmarriageable in a day.

That’s all the time I have today for This Week in Guano-Loco Republicanism.  My brand new DVD copy of Prolific Porn Mules and the Busty Young White Christian Girls Who Love Them just arrived in the mail.

* I hate fucking Illinois Nazis…

**Where all da white women at?

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