Citizens United going to sue Obamacare?

I just got a push poll call from Citizens United. They hired Dick Morris to tape the message part of the push poll. He says the usual; "socialized medicine", "higher taxes" blah blah blah. The taped message was way too long, BTW.

Anyway, after the taped message one of his "pollsters" comes on and does a fundraising ask. What do they need the money for? To take Obamacare to the Supreme Court and replicate their victory over campaign finance reform. See, Citizens United v. FEC.

Yep, they are going back to the Roberts Court and Justice Kennedy for some more activist judging. So, I told the nice lady pollster that I would not donate and explained that I was not interested in a bailout for the insurance companies and Pharma. I told her I favored single payer, specifically Medicare for all.

This is where it gets good: The pollster deviated from her script and said that she personally also favored Medicare for all, but doing this was just her job. As I hung up the phone the belly laughing began. Dick Morris’s own employees don’t even agree with his bullshit.

So, put on your seat belts, it’s going to be a wild ride to SCOTUS. Oh, and Elena Kagan should probably get a head start going on that brief.

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