Foreclosure Fraud Hits the New York Times Front Page

Those of you who hang out on the FDL foreclosure fraud front page have known for months that banksters were doing foreclosures using forged and perjurious documents. We here at the Lake have been trying to get that story out, so that judges would realize what was happening and would scrutinize foreclosure pleadings carefully and hold plaintiff banks/servicers/MERS to their burden of proof.

Well, thanks to the sudden decisions of Ally Financial (formerly GMAC Mortgage) and JPMorgan Chase to suspend some of their activities in judicial foreclosure states, the story has finally hit the front page of the NYTimes.

This morning, judges woke up to coffee and information that I hope will profoundly change their attitude toward the legitimacy of the legal pleadings being promulgated. All I ask is that when presented with foreclosure pleadings, they READ FOR CONTENT and allow defendants to present proof of fraud, instead of dismissing the very notion as absurd and some sort of stall tactic.

Let’s hope this story will hit the evening news broadcasts and the front pages of local papers everywhere. This is a good start.

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