Foreclosure Fraud: The Class Actions Begin

I previously told you that the things would start to change in a wholesale way when the class action suits began, just as things changed when the class action cases were brought in the Tobacco Litigations, well: 4closure fraud has a set of pleadings from Kentucky. It’s a class action suit based on the events of the last few weeks. A group of homeowners in Maine has also begun a class action suit. I believe that one is also in federal district court, though I have not yet seen those papers.

If there are enough class actions brought in enough district courts, based on the same subject matter and proof, the cases will likely be consolidated into what’s called a “multi –district litigation.”

This is snowballing so much faster than I dared hope.

In a related development, A robo-signer working for Wells Fargo admitted that the only thing he checked for accuracy on the assignments he signed, was the date.

Stay tuned firepups, we seem to get new developments hourly.

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