Obama: too far right for Independents, too far right for Republicans

"CAUTION: WIDE RIGHT TURNS" by juggernautco on flickr

Marist has a new poll out and its results are just devastating to the President. Just about everybody outside the Beltway hates the debt ceiling deal. According to McClatchy:

The poll found that Americans think the deal is bad for the country, bad for members of Congress who voted for it and bad for the poor, the middle class and the elderly. Americans think that the only ones whom the deal treated fairly were the wealthy and corporations.

The President was willing, maybe even more than willing, to break with his base to chase after a Grand Bargain that was meant to woo Independent voters which the campaign feels are critical to his re-election. This strategy has backfired, hugely. Just look at these numbers:

  • By 65-27 percent, they think it treated the elderly unfairly. That belief was found almost evenly across party lines.
  • By 63-29, they think it treated the poor unfairly. Independents felt the strongest, 69-26.
  • By 61-30, they think it treated the middle class unfairly. Republicans felt the strongest, 66-27.

Yep, with this deal he has lost Independents 69 to 26! And even the Republicans think he is shafting regular people. Sheez!

Joe Scarborough has a long rant out today about how the USA of John Wayne style rugged individualism has morphed into the USA of Gordon Gekko where hard work is not rewarded in a system rigged to destroy the American Dream.

Or as Scarecrow said in an email, “Shorter Joe.  Every patriotic American, including me and my parents, is to the left of Obama.”

Even Der Spiegel thinks Obama has disappointed the world, by campaigning to the left and governing, not in the middle, but to the right or sometimes by not governing at all. About halfway through the editorial I thought they were setting up for a recall of the Nobel Prize.

Mr. President, you sell out your base to win the middle. You sell out the middle to win the right. You even sell out the right to appease the teabaggers. Who’s going to vote for your re-election? Not the tea party folks and you can’t count on the fear of Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency vote this time around (unless Michele Bachman is on the ticket).

Who’s your voter?

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