Celebrate #OWS!

Where will you be November 17?

I love cops. The most rewarding parts of my career were the years I spent in law enforcement. It pains me to see rank and file patrolmen sent in, dressed like storm troopers in the Darth Vader brigade, to bust the heads of their fellow 99%ers. It probably pains them too. I heard that the patrol officers coming off a midnight shift change were held for unexpected overtime and then told to riot gear up and report to Liberty Plaza. Was Bloomie afraid of an attack of Blue Flu if the patrol officers knew in advance what they would be sent to do? How long is the PBA (Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association) going to allow their members to be used and abused in the service of a lawless mayor? When is the PBA going to stand up for its members in the 99%?

The suddenness of the attack on Occupy Wall Street was clearly meant to demoralize and antagonize the occupiers. I guess Bloomie thought that a night of sleep deprivation and the loss of their material possessions would be so depressing that they would just slink off and go home. Wrong.

Or maybe he thought that the suddenness and savageness and pointless destruction would so enrage the occupiers that they would break their amazing self discipline and strike back in anger. Wrong.

Oh, OWS will strike back alright, just not the way the 1% (petty fools that they are) would expect. They should stop judging regular people by their own sociopathic standards. Today, November 17th, 2011, OWS is going to strike back with a celebration! Take that, you nattering nabobs of negativism over at City Hall. Yep, OWS is going to fight violence and hostility ……with laughter, music, compassion, and sharing.

It kicks off this morning at 7AM with a street theatre event, The Wall Street Carnival Block Party. They plan to overwhelm the Stock Exchange’s Opening Bell, with The People’s Bell. Instead of trading shares of stock, they’re going to trade the stories of the 99%. How cool is that? The stories traded will highlight the need for jobs, infrastructure repair, the unfairness of the current tax system, and the unfairness of austerity cuts that harm the most vulnerable among us.

The whole day will continue with the sharing of stories of the 99%.

At 3PM there will be gatherings at particular subway hubs in the outerboros, and story sharing will happen while you wait for a train to take you into Foley Square. On the ride you can share stories with your fellow 99%ers.

By 5PM when you arrive at Foley Square there will be a FULLY PERMITTED celebration going on. It’s OWS’s 2 month anniversary!

It will feature live music (how can you celebrate without music?) and 3 “soapboxes” for folks to get up and share their stories. All those nice permits make the Foley Square celebration very attractive to those worried about risking arrest.

Around 6PM the more adventurous of you can join a march to an iconic NY landmark to highlight the need for jobs and for infrastructure repair.

So get your happy on, come celebrate 2 full months of Occupying Wall Street and a whole bunch of other places all over the world. I hear there will be remote celebrations going on all over the place and feel free to share notices about those in the comments.

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