Nurse Ratched Explains the Election Results To the Inmates

The spectacle is finally over.

But the degradation isn’t.

America isn’t a temple of democracy anymore, it’s an insane asylum, a coast-to-coast Cuckoo’s Nest where the inmates are offered regular “therapy sessions”, otherwise known as election campaigns.  We get to talk about all of our problems, Nurse Ratched nods, the orderlies watching over us act like they give a damn what we think, and then we get to vote on asylum policies that will never change no matter what the vote count is.

It’s always the same.  Nurse Ratched tells us we can give it a try again next time, and the “therapy session” is adjourned.  Then she closes the window, the orderlies resume their rounds, the soothing corporate music plays again on every ward, we get our daily work assignments, and take our medication.  We’re assured that taking those two-party system pills is for our own good.  Nurse Ratched knows what’s best for us.

So every Billy in this nationwide nuthouse that used to be the greatest democracy on earth swallows the pills, every Chesnick, every Martini, every Chief swallows the pills, they swallow them every day, they swallow them because everybody else does, they swallow them so they won’t see the bars on the windows, so they won’t hear the weeping beyond the walls, so they won’t feel the pain anymore.

Well tell me, two-party system pill gulpers, how’s that addiction working out for you?  You’ve not only got a crazed Republicrat monkey on your back, you’ve got every criminal banker and corrupt CEO from here to Singapore on your back too, thanks to that Oligarchs United decision that lobotomized American democracy and left it lying strapped to a gurney in an isolation cell at Bagram Air Force Base.

Randall McMurphy wouldn’t take the pills.  We all know what happened to him, we all know the price he paid for it.   But before they silenced him, he took a stand.   For Billy, for Chesnick, for Martini, for Chief, for every lost soul confined within those walls, for every lost soul too afraid to take a stand, too beaten down by the system to even try.  McMurphy would not let that dehumanizing system break him, he fought back . . .

We need to fight back.  Here and now.   Because when the orderlies finish wiping all that “Democratic” blood off the floor and we’re told to step up to the window again for our medication, there’ll be even more pills to swallow.   We’ll be given the new and improved version of the two-party system pill–the one-party system pill.   Then we’ll get the Deficit Commission pills, the Austerity pills, the Privatize Everything in Sight pills, the Operation Iranian Freedom pills, and plenty of clean, sparkling Gulf of Mexico water to wash them all down with.

Can we say fuck that?

Yes we can.

We can start a Third Party Movement, we can have a real election in 2012. Americans in the stricken communities of the oil-ravaged Gulf Coast are trapped in this two-party nightmare, Americans in unemployment lines from New York to California are trapped in it, Americans in the barracks of the war machine from Fort Lewis to Fort Stewart are trapped in it, the teachers of America’s children are trapped in it, union workers are trapped in it, nurses and office clerks and minimum wage serfs are trapped in it.   We’re all trapped in it.

We have to put an end to the greed, to the wars, to the oligarchy, to this dehumanizing political and economic system.  We have to help each other, we have to pick each other up when we fall, America has to finally understand that the measure of a society is found in how it treats its weakest and most helpless citizens.  This sick society won’t help them, it turns its back on them.  If they can’t keep up in this savage race for wealth, influence, and status, they get left behind, they don’t matter anymore, their value as human beings is erased and society throws them away . . .

This death march of degradation can’t go on.  This punishment of the powerless has to end.  There’s only one way to end it.  Turn your backs on Obama and the Republicrats and the bankers and CEO’s they work for.  Leave them behind, leave corporate capitalism behind, leave it all behind, smash that Overton Window in 2012 and walk out of this nuthouse.

You have two feet.

Use them.

You have a conscience.

Heed it.

Throw the pills away.  Wash that lesser evil blood off your hands and help build a Third Party Movement historians will still be talking about a thousand years from now.  If you don’t, there won’t be any more historians, any more books, any more words, any more hope.  All there’ll be is a boot stomping on a human face forever.

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