House Repubs respond to Pelosi Stimulus proposal (with comments)

Republicans proposed a number of measures that, they say, will “turn the corner towards real economic growth,” including:

  • Removing legal barriers to speed up new offshore oil drilling. A law banning offshore drilling expired October 1, but Republican lawmakers say lawsuits could block new offshore rigs and want judges to quickly rule on the cases. (thus ensuring economic prosperity 20 years from now)


  • Lowering taxes on income that U.S. corporations earn from their overseas subsidiaries. (Thus ensuring that even more factories will close and operations will be shipped overseas)



  • Eliminating capital gains taxes on the sale of homes up to $500,000 for a couple. (Because Boehner has a sale pending and might owe $50,000) (well, okay, I made that bit up…)



  • Suspending capital gains taxes on securities purchased during the next two years. (I actually like this one)



  • Extending government deposit insurance to business transaction accounts. (These are the so-called “zero balance” accounts – it would have absolutely no effect on anything)



  • Directing the government to guarantee inter-bank loans. (also meaningless if the Treasury is taking a lead role in loans)
  • Final score?

    More jobs lost, the rust belt gets rustier, John Boehner saves $50,000 (if he actually had a sale pending which he might…I don't know for sure, but he sure hasn't denied it and the mainstream media isn't reporting about it and someone needs to demaND ANSWERS ABOUT THIS SWEETHEART DEAL WHICH HE MIGHT BE GETTING IF THIS….um, never mind…) and nothing else.