Glenn Beck has fewer national ads than my local news. Really.

The industry standard (I used to produce television commercials in a previous life) is 22 minutes of revenue (commercials) per 60 minute block of air time.  TIVO any major 60 minute broadcast and check it out.

The “air time” of “The Young and the Restless” as measured by the online version on is 38-39 minutes of “show” punctuated by 21-22 minutes of selling soap.

So tonight I watched the entire hour of Glenn Beck and wrote down what I saw.

Completely ignoring the fact that the entire broadcast had NO guests except Michele Malkin (who is on the Fox payroll and doesn’t count) and was nothing but GB bouncing between his desk and his chalkboard while calling Van Jones a communist, black separatist and a threat to America’s nuclear codes in the White House (really, he said that), I decided to just count the minutes.

Keep in mind that Van Jones was one of the founders of the group which has been writing to all of Becks’ sponsors and so far have gotten 44 companies pull their spots from his show.  So Glenn has a bit of a personal issue with Mr. Jones.


5:00PM – 5:18 (18 uninterrupted minutes of GB at the desk)

:30 Rosland Capital (Gordon Liddy’s Gold company)

:30 Roche Pharma “AccuChek” Diabetes meter

:30 OxiClean

(local ads – which generate $0 to Fox)

5:23 Michele Malkin agrees with GB for 3 minutes then back to GB all alone at his desk.

5:30 Commercial Break

:30 Weekly Standard (owned by Rupert Murdoch)

:30 Jos. A. Bank Clothiers

:30 gotomeetingDOTcom (whoever they are)

5:32 Back to GB bouncing back and forth again – more on just how evil Mr. Johnson is. For another 9 minutes

5:41 Commercial Break

:15 Wall Street Journal subscriptions (another owned by Rupert Murdoch)

:30 Seoul South Korea tourism

:30 Video Professor Ebay disc

:15 realamericanstoriesDOTcom (whoever they are)

5:43 – 5:49 More about how Mr. Johnson kills puppies and eats children (I might have missed some of this section) and then

5:49 Commercial break

:30 carboniteDOTcom

Local ads (again with no revenue to Fox)

5:51 – 5:57 GB alone again

5:58 end

Bump ads

:30 Lear Gold

:30 gotomeetingDOTcom

TOTAL NATIONAL AD TIME 4:30 (or 2:15 per 30 minute air block – ads for Murdoch’s own companies don’t count)

This is nearly 90% lower than the industry “standard” for a comparable broadcast hour.

Rupert is going to have some sort of seizure when he sees those numbers.

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