Cut back on MSM advertised products?

Cut back on MSM advertised products?

Cable television is in much better financial health than the newspaper industry. The advertising woes just haven’t really hit, since so many of us spend so much time in front of the television.

It’s great that Glenn Beck is losing sponsors. But every major network, including the rest of Fox News, is selling plenty of ads.

The media empires that bring us the news on ABC, CBS, the NBCs, CNN, and Fox also own the bulk of every other channel on cable.

I think we need to make an effort to boycott every product that is advertised on any of the dozens of stations owned by Time Warner (CNN) Viacom (CBS) Disney (ABC) NBC Universal, and NewsCorp.

Generic products cost less because they don’t include advertising costs. When you pay for a product that is advertised on the above companies’ channels, you are putting money into the pockets of David Gregory, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer, Bill O’Reilly, and the rest of them.

When we buy TV advertised products, we are also paying the producers and executives who make sure that the on-air "talent" convincingly sells us on the need for war with Iran, the value of TARP, the overall health of the economy, and the general acceptability of the status quo.

It is surely impossible to avoid all products advertised on national TV. I humbly admit to being an occasional Wall Mart shopper. That probably isn’t going to change.

But we can all cut back.

We can all pretty much agree that big media is the enemy of the people. Let’s not forget the financial source of their crimes.

It’s a war, and we’re losing badly.

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