Bailitan America Segment on Uniting American Families Act

Bailitang American recently interviewed Paul and Dan during the freedom to marry week to find out about their immigration struggle to try to stay together.  Paul is an american and cannot sponsor his partner since 2000 for a green card.  So when Dan’s visa ran out, he had to leave the US for his home country in the Philippines.

Their long distance relationship is still going strong as they skype a couple of times a week (and Paul flies to the Philippines a couple of times a year) – but this discrimination can be easily removed if the Uniting American Families Act is passed in congress.  Paul would be able to apply to BCIS (formerly known as INS) to sponsor Dan for a green card, just like any heterosexual american would be able to do for their spouse.

Please call your representative to get them to sponsor the Uniting American Families Act.  The bill number in the house is HR1024 and in the senate it is S424.  You can get more information about the bill here:

Here’s the news segment by Bailitan America –