Out4Immigration Needs Org’s Letter of Support for Uniting American Families Act for Hearing!

Hey folks,

Out4Immigration, along with Marriage Equality USA and Love Exiles will  be preparing brief (2-3 paragraph) letters about our organizations’ work on behalf of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) for next week’s hearings in Washington.

We have been informed that Senator Leahy would like to receive letters  from group organizations like ours rather than letters detailing personal stories at this point. This is probably because they have a number of extremely relevant personal stories on hand.

If you are part of an organization that advocates for the rights of  

same-sex binational couples, no matter how big or how small — please  use the following guidelines to craft your letter and FAX to Mickey at  Out4Immigration, 415.826.7077, by May 31. Mickey will then FAX your  letter with Out4Immigration’s to Sen. Leahy’s office.

If you are not, can you get some organizations to write a letter of  support?  Now more than ever, we need all of you to step up!  Can you  try to get at least one organization to provide a letter of support?

Here are the guidlines:

Paragraph 1 should be about who you are as an organization, and why you care about UAFA. Paragraph 2+ should be the distilled essence of  your organization’s personal stories. Focus should be more on  immigrant rights, rather than those of the American citizen and/or same-sex marriage.

If you are a blogger who blogs exclusively on the UAFA and same-sex  couple rights, you can be considered an organization advocating for the UAFA. The personal stories you relate should be those of your readers — keep your personal info to a minimum, although you can certainly say how you are affected by this situation because you  cannot sponsor your partner, you and your partner have been forced  into exile or you and your partner are forced to live apart because of  our flawed immigration system.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to sending many of your  letters on to Washington for this historic event.


Amos Lim, Treasurer & Founding Board Member

amos (at) out4immigration.org