the criminal fascist system – part 1: JURIES

There is no longer a criminal justice system in this nation.  There are many explantions for this, and this series will examine many of them.  Of course, the branches of goverment do their best to subvert the dream of the Founders, but I want to look at the PEOPLE, first.

Juries were established to overcome the fear of biased judges.  Now they are so biased themselves, that there is really no difference.  A few decades back, juries took their oath seriously.  Now, not so much.  They have been brainwashed to convict, and beleive they perform a civic duty by almost always convicting.  They “believe” paid off drug addict informants, cuz the prosecutor wants them to.  Of course, they would not buy a used car from the same folks, but hey, it ain’t their ass that is gonna be locked up.  Over the years, Nancy Grace has been the norm, and the idea of reasonable doubt has been eliminated, except in news columns and law schools.  Sure there are a few acquittals, but the nation goes nuts over them – EVERYONE is guilty, don’t you see?  The rich really do well in this system, because there are now effective tools for predicting jury behavior: focus groups, mock juries, shadow juries, and the like.  Of course, the poor cant afford these things, so they get convicted and sent to the big house (where they “belong”).  There has been a systematic brainwashing of jurors, ranging from insurance company ads, to the media quoting ONLY prosecutors’ versions of what is happening.  People lie to get on juries, and then tell their fellows to do likewise.  Next time you are in a jury pool, of prospective jurors, strike up some conversations – you will be shocked.

Juries are also led to be intimidated, by being told their info will be kept confidential.  Of course, the government has all the info it needs about them,  but its a great way of implying that the defendants are all evildoers, intent on hunting them down-just like on TV and in the movies.

My favorite glaring example?  Death penalty cases.  Did you know that ONLY jurors who beleive in the death penalty can server on such juries?  That is the SINGLE most telling bit of info about prospective jurors.  In non-death states, like mine, of course, you cannot even ASK this question.

See you soon for part 2!

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