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January 11, 2013

America Near Bottom In Life Expectancy In Developed World

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The facts are in, the American health care system is one of the worst in the developed world.

Yes, the continual line repeated ad nauseum during the Obamacare debate about ruining the best health care system in the world by more regulation of insurance companies has been thoroughly discredited:

Americans die younger and have more illnesses and accidents on average than people in other high-income countries—even wealthier, insured, college-educated Americans, a report said Wednesday.

The study by the federally sponsored National Research Council and Institute of Medicine found the U.S. near the bottom of 17 affluent countries for life expectancy, with high rates of obesity and diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and arthritis, as well as infant mortality, injuries, homicides, teen pregnancy, drug deaths and sexually transmitted diseases.

“The [U.S.] health disadvantage is pervasive—it affects all age groups up to age 75 and is observed for multiple diseases, biological and behavioral risk factors, and injuries,” said the report’s authors, who are public-health and medicine academics recruited by the government panels.

Besides a poor health care system the report also notes the predominance of violence as a cause of death. They, not surprisingly, note America’s availability of firearms as a contributor to the lethality of violence in America.

The report’s authors were particularly critical of the availability of guns, writing: “One behavior that probably explains the excess lethality of violence and unintentional injuries in the United States is the widespread possession of firearms and the common practice of storing them [often unlocked] at home.”

In other words, socialized medicine and responsible gun control lead to a longer healthier life. Cue conservative outrage.

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