Bill Kristol’s War on Health Care “Kill It”

Seems as though we are witnessing the Republicans and some of the Democrats new’war on Health care" ?

Warmongering Bill Kristol’s cold and arrogant comment "kill it" clearly demonstrates this war.

Over and over Bill Kristol demonstrates his inability to feel any compassion or empathy towards others whether they are Americans being sent to an unnecessary and immoral war in Iraq that he helped start, the Iraqi people who have died or been injured due to the Iraq war based on a "pack of lies" Bill Kristol has demonstrated over and over again that he is a cold cruel murderer. He does not pull the trigger but has been part of the teams that will not send their own family members off to their wars but are more than willing to send your family members off to wars based on their lies.

Now Bill Kristol has said "kill it" (Health Care legislation) Demonstrating once again his cold, bloody and arrogant attitude towards others in need or danger.

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