President Obama and Inherited Covert Initiatives Directed Against Iranian Interest

I have been reading what ever Flynt Leverett has been writing or saying about the middle east and especially Iran for 8 years now. He and his wife Hillary have a new website called “The Race for Iran” Hillary and Flynnt have a new piece up at Washington Note another great site to follow with well informed post about the middle east and other parts of the world.

In this post Hillary and Flynt remind us that the Obama administration has not only inherited a number of covert operations in Iran left over from the the warmongering Bush administration but a number of covert operations. Remember that funding that Condi Rice pushed for having to do with these operations. Flynt and Hillary have written about these covert and overt operations as well as Seymour Hersh.

Just have to wonder just who has supplied the funding and support for the “Jundallah” and the most recent bombing/killings of top Revolutionary Guard officials in Iran. Can you imagine if Iran was funding groups here in the U.S, that had blown up top U.S. military officials. All hell would break lose

The Leveretts “However, as we wrote in a New York Times Op Ed in May, President Obama inherited from his predecessor a number of overt programs for “democracy promotion” in Iran, as well as covert initiatives directed against Iranian interests. Obama has done nothing to scale back or stop these programs – a posture that has not gone unnoticed in Tehran.”

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