To The Phones! For The Issues You Care About! To The Phones For Christy Hardin Smith!

I come to FDL at least every other day to read post by the political brainiacs that post at this site. Do I agree with everything that Marcy, Jane, Bmaz, Attackerman, Jim White Etc have to say. Hell no!

Do I respect their intellects, training, research, investigative skills, powers of deduction and often wise recommendations. Hell yes!

One of the learned folks I came to read almost every day was Christy Hardin Smith. I still miss her insights and knowledge. And pray for her health and well being every day.

So "To the phones" for what ever your cause, your passion, your concern. Call your Reps about the health care issue, climate change, torture, accountability in regard to an unnecessary war based on a "pack of lies!"

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