Msnbc Rachel Maddow’s program Israeli Occupied Territory

Last evening Rachel Maddow covered the nabbed bomber (for the hundredth time on the MSM last evening) she covered the Iranian protesters for 15 minutes but not a peep out of her about the people in Cairo and the Gaza who are trying to meet for the Gaza Freedom March.

Rachel is promoted in the blogosphere as some liberal, open minded, fair, balanced journalist with highly developed research skills. A person who will dig deep on an issue and attempt to inform the public.
This is complete hogwash!

Her willingness to focus on gay rights issues often trumps many other civil rights issues. But her alleged concerns about human rights seems rather limited and selective. Oh yeah she will give huge segments of time to covering the Iranian protesters (just what the Israeli governement and the I lobby here in the states wants) Yet has not touched the Israeli Palestinian issue and shows no concern, no application of her research skills and ability to ask well thought out questions based on her research, We get nothing from her or any one else at MSNBC when it comes to covering what is going on there. Nothing has changed in our MSM when it comes to this issue even after the completely closed gates of our MSM were opened up after the Walt/Mearshiemer book "The Israel Lobby"

Rachel Maddow is rather shallow, rather controlled by either the producer at MSNBC or just does not give a rats ass about the human rights of Palestinians

MSNBC is Israeli occupied territory!

Phillip Weiss over at Mondoweiss describes first hand what is taking place in Cairo with the Gaza Freedom Marchers being detained.

They should have held their rally in Iran then Rachel would have covered them. Well that is if her handlers said it was o.k.

(link below)
‘The Egyptian authorities have told the organizers of the Gaza Freedom March once, twice, three times and four that we can’t go to Gaza, but the organizers will go back a fifth, sixth and seventh time, Medea Benjamin promised outside the U.N. offices in Cario here today. Still, it doesn’t look good for our year-end march. The chances are “less than zero,” says a friend."

Not a word or a second of coverage on her program about George Galloways

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