Chris Matthews Steps Out of the Off Limits Box Having to do with Israel’s Illegal Expansion

Last evening On Chris Matthews new Hardball segment "Let Me Finish" Chris stepped out of the mainstream media’s comfort zone. Matthews shed some light (again on MSNBC) on Israel’s recent illegal expansion announcement on the same day Vice President Biden announced that the U.S is committed to Israel’s national security.

Chris Matthews
"Late yesterday here after we did the show. We got the news that the Israeli housing minister a member of the far right religious party had approved 1600 new housing units in TERRITORY NOT INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED AS PART OF ISRAEL. It was seen here as a direct assault on the U.S. policy of trying to establish a Palestinian state along side Israel. An insult really to President Obama and the Vice President Biden who is here visiting with the specific purpose of encouraging new negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian authority."

Folks I think this is a notable break through on MSNBC. Chris Matthews actually said "territory not internationally recognized as part of Israel" on MSNBC. Chris went on to describe Israel’s illegal housing expansion announcement as an "in your face rejection" of U.S. policies. He said that there is a difference in U.S. and Israel’s policies.

But at the end of this segment he flipped the important focus of his "Let Me Finish" comments over to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad and how he may use Israel’s slap in the Obama administrations face to undermine the situation. As if Iran is responsible for Israel continuing to defy the Obama administration, International decisions and UN resolutions having to do with Israel’s continued illegal expansion.

On another note Chris Matthews could really step out of the off limits issues box that the MSM has been locked down in for decades and bring Rachel Corrie’s family on his program. He is airing his program out of Israel. The Corrie family is there for the beginning of the trial in which they are suing the Israeli government for the killing of their daughter Rachel. The Corrie family is so well spoken, not hateful (at all) and are committed to the truth about Rachel’s death and they are seeking real justice.

Come on Chris and MSNBC owners you are skillfully stepping out of the criticizing Israel off limits box . Take another step and have the Corrie family on. They are remarkable people. They are trying to heal and they express deep hope that Israeli policies change and heal.

Link below of Chris Matthews segment

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