Senator Schumer Pushes for Confrontation With Iran at the Aipac Conference.

Senator Schumer and Senator Lindsey Graham undermined Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton at the Aipac conference this week. Schumer repeating inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims having to do with Iran. Telling the Aipac crowd that diplomatic efforts to negotiate with Iran have "failed"

Senator Schumer "Diplomatic efforts have failed. We are too close (to a nuclear Iran) to simply continue those efforts," said Schumer. "The U.S. must hit Iran first, on our own, with unilateral sanctions, no matter what the other nations of the world do. And we cannot wait, we must push those sanctions now … we cannot afford to wait for Russia or China."

Senator Graham stating that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. To hell with the highest judicial body in the world determining that East Jerusalem is Palestinian occupied territory. Clearly Senator Graham has no regard for International law, agreements or opinions. Clearly Graham has no regard for our own Attorney General’s decisions.

Senator Graham "Jerusalem is not a settlement. No government in Israel will ever look at Jerusalem as a settlement. And no government of the United States should ever look at Jerusalem as a settlement," Graham said to raucous applause. "It’s the undivided capital of the state of Israel."

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