Tancredo Twink Was Not Outed Part II

I said I was going to cease posting about the Whitney situation yesterday, but I lied. This isn't so much about him, as it's about his “defenders”, if you want to call them that.

Although I won't link to any of their outlets, the slithering eels known as gay neo-con's continues to accuse the “lib'rull's” of “outing” Tancredo twink Tyler Whitney, but however his story about going to the Pride event was published on a conservative blog (not sure if it's specifically for homocon's). 

Quoting the conservative blog author at The Michigan Conservative Dossier:

“Tyler Whitney is also working in DC on a Presidential campaign.  The brash young paleo-libertarian will be spending his weekend with gay conservatives and libertarians in Dupont Circle for the City's Gay Pride Festivities.  Tyler is said to have relocated to DC permanently”

And there you have it, Whitney was “outed” at this particular blog.  Case closed, end of story.

“Gay lib'rull's” are not responsible for anything but repeating what was said on TMCD.

As I also mentioned in that previous post, I condemn the stalky behavior of those persons (gay or otherwise) spreading around Whitney's personal home info, along with his parent's info (even though it's readily available online).

On the other hand, I'm seeing some rather kooky quotes that goes beyond anything I've seen any of the “lib'rull's” saying, by the gay neo-con's, including one unstable psychotic one who's just as stalky as those who passed around Ty's info. Again, I will not promote them by linking, but you can easily find them – check way back deep in the closet first. If not there, check the “go back in the closet” anti-gay protests.

And I imagine the gay homocon kook train will continue going full steam ahead for the next few months, yapping about this incident.

The far-right wing gay neo-con's are so like their hetero counterpart's, it's hilarious: even if they shit their pants in an elevator, they'll blame everyone in there but themselves. That's how kooky they are.

They even make MARGUERITE look sane:

If you check out that conservative blog, in the same article, he's mentioning other young kooky conservative's, with some pretty laughable missions in life:

“Nate Sherman from MSU will be on Virginia Beach this summer preaching the gospel to drunken students frantically looking for sex”

I've seen this before – happened at the pentacostal zombie college. A group of those Fellowship Of Christian Athletes guys, who you always see kneeling around the flag pole out front, and fake-crying for show at their outdoors prayer meetings, went to Virginia Beach I believe, on the same exact mission – yet the group of guys got busted for being drunk (some underage drinking), and looking for some cooch in the clubs there as well. Gotta love when people go to “preach the gospel”, but can't avoid the same things they're supposed to be condemning. As always, it will be he who's frantically looking for sex, and will be making a hypocrite fool of himself.


“Kyle Bristow the MSU YAF Chair, and Fuhrer of the Universe will be spending his time interning for the Leadership Institute.”

This is the gay-looking “homosexuals should be imprisoned”, and “I'd murder my gay son” weirdo. Wonder how he and Ty are getting along nowadays? It also sucks to know that Kooky Kyle knows exactly where and when to find his very good buddy Ty at all times, in case he might want to whoop some “neo-con agenda traitor” ass.

 For the last time, gay neo-con's, look in the mirror and get over it.  Blame the conservablogger, not “gay lib'rull's”.


As requested, I removed the colored fonts :)

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