The Occupy Wall Street movement does not exist in a vacuum

The claim that the Occupy Wall Street movement is the “first populist movement” on the “left” since the 1930’s is not really true.  Those who push this view want to discourage today’s activists from building on the struggles of the past.
The peace movement has been a “populist movement” for many years now. 
The Occupy Wall Street movement could build on the struggles of the peace movement by reviving the progressive “Rebuild America Act” first proposed by left-wing labor leader William Winpisinger that found tremendous support among liberals, progressives and the left.
Since the AFL-CIO has entered the Occupy Wall Street movement, and this movement is growing by leaps and bounds, we need to find ways to help keep it growing. This would be the perfect time to talk with the leaders of organized labor about its responsibility for what Obama is doing by virtue of Organized labor’s support for Obama and his phony “jobs legislation” by bringing forward the “Rebuild America Act.”
The Occupy Wall Street movement could also start pushing for a “peace dividend;”end militarism and wars, fund human needs.  
The AFL-CIO should not be pushing Obama’s phony “American Jobs Act” that only creates more troughs for Wall Street’s fat pigs to profit from.

What ever happened to William Winpisinger’s “Rebuild America Act?”

The AFL-CIO should bring back to life its committee on conversion from military spending to spending on human needs; William Winpisinger worked hard to establish this committee.

Richard Trumka and Elizabeth Warren should do what they said they would do: Hold Obama’s feet to the fire. They could do this by running against Obama and Biden promoting William Winpinsinger’s “Rebuild America Act.”

The Occupy Wall Street movement might have the political strength and muscle to put the progressive “Rebuild America Act” back on the table so we can begin to talk about “peace dividends” again.

How is Barack Obama’s Wall Street war economy working for you?