Maybe a statement like this we could all agree on as we set aside our differences

Maybe a statement like this we could all agree on as we set aside our differences:
More than anything, the American people want peace by ending these wars without costly occupations.

The American people are demanding jobs at real living wages.

It only makes sense that we need to put people to work providing the American people with the rest of the New Deal programs not completed by FDR and his Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins and one of his top cabinet members, the forward thinking Harry Hopkins who understood that workers without jobs were destined to be poor.

Job creation can be paid for by investing the “peace dividends” derived from ending the wars in the kind of universal social programs we need to solve our long-standing social problems; creating some twenty-million new jobs in the process.

Budget priorities are about choices.

We must make the choices to do what is morally right and just.

We pledge to work with the American people in solving all other pressing problems with similar “progressive people before profit thinking.”

The needs of the 99% must prevail over the Wall Street 1% if we are going to move our country along a course intended to improve the lives and living conditions of all the people.

We encourage people to set aside their differences in working towards an agenda for real change.

Our ideology must be one of unity crafted around a united electoral movement for peace, social and economic justice which corresponds to what those people demonstrating in the streets are insisting upon— justice based upon the ideals articulated in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

There is only one way to put so many unemployed and under-employed people to work while solving the growing problem of poverty. We need to create a full-employment economy. We accomplish this by putting people to work solving the problems of the people.

A full employment economy is the way to defend, protect and expand Social Security; everyone pays in, everyone receives their Social Security pensions and access to programs without any problems.

People without jobs paying real living wages based on all cost of living factors are going to be poor.

End the wars now so we can invest the “peace dividends” derived to improve the lives of people.

Peace = Health care + Child care + WPA + CCC + CETA + Getting America Back To Work

(Attach a pie chart about budget priorities and we are pretty close to having a statement lots of people will sign on to.)

(Perhaps conclude with a sentence like: “The time has come for a public discussion taking into consideration the politics and economics of livelihood for real change.”)

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