Destitution as Damnation in a Decade’s Design.

The legacy of this anniversary is not I find in the events of that day but the state of the union as it struggles to stand today. I can no longer reconcile myself to the differences between the nation’s intent and the mockery now in its place,  its hand too firm and heart too void. Masses being made manageable through desperation of trying to meet constant diverse and unattainable needs. The markets have become all there is to be made the most of when profit casts itself as the lone admired motive. Food and shelter reserved for the compliant, odds as ill favored as can be for those standing opposed to such conditioning are the ways of the coming world.
I’m thought to be from the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet what I see of free is that’s all most can afford and what we brave are the sadistic wills of an aristocratic collective. Those who fancy themselves masters of fate and captains of industry too central to the blood flow of the body common to be discarded, and further insistent that the direction democracy takes is for them to decide and dictate. Thru duplicity and duplication, a dismantling via death and destruction in destinations both distant and on our doorstep, they demonstrate such avid disregard for basic decency which they then dare to deem a defense strategy.
This tree of liberty which sprouted a nation is rooted in the principles of economic and social justice, trunked in a massive citizenry offered shelter and security through the limbs and leaves that grow from its three primary branches of federal governance. The executive, the judicial and the legislative, all of which suffer from an infestation, still eating the integrity of all, from structure to soul. As individual entities or their company prone choir echoing as a collective, they forsake the people, whom they’ve sworn to serve. By filling campaign coffers, bestowing exponentially enhanced political voice to artificial life forms, and relying on the dogs of war because appetite for acquisition, both secret and sensational is insatiable and so only grows.When too often, the same sliver of society consistently benefit from politcal policy and agenda, patterns can’t help but emerge, the fabric of public betrayal as plain as any plaid, despite its intricacies and colorful contrasts.
The elected present themselves as servants to a principle, but work only to prevent public sentiment from directions not in keeping with the best bottom line for the corporatocracy. Ushers of a new fascist regime who primp and prance as only puppets bought by the faithless can. The bidding done on behalf of buyers who through their own devout lack of faith, make themselves a heaven along with a hell for all else right here on earth. All so the lowly can bow to them as deities as their delusion demands.
For as long as their income provided by this public is so elevated they are not of the people. For as long as lobbyists draft legislation language, laws are not by the people. For as long as the public coffers are continuously siphoned by commerce and conflict, policy is not crafted for the people. For as long as the most accomplished criminals among us are on book tours instead of serving time in prisons, the rule of law is useless because there’s no political will to see it applied and enforced equally. For as long as the nation’s leaders abide by a philosophy of doing to, taking from and bleeding dry the people, I am compelled to seek the means to dissolve and divest myself of relations with not my nation, for I believe in its intent, but its current custodians of governance and their toxic nature of leadership of coaxing decline I denounce. Through the pursuit and promotion of bringing more just truths to light do I stand diligently and dutifully opposed as preserving the notion of a democratic nation demands.