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February 27, 2013

Chuck Hagel Confirmed

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After a long, bitter, and at times surreal confirmation process fmr. Senator Chuck Hagel has been confirmed as Secretary of Defense. The vote was 58-41 with only four Republicans voting in favor of the nomination despite Hagel previously being a member of the Senate Republican Caucus. Hagel was attacked continually by the right-wing of the Republican Party and conservative media for being soft on Iran and antagonistic towards Israel. The confirmation vote did little to satisfy critics who continue to maintain their opposition to Hagel serving as Defense Secretary.

One of Hagel’s leading critics is Breitbart News Editor Ben Shapiro who tweeted that Hagel’s confirmation as Defense Secretary was a victory for “Islamists, anti-Semites, isolationists, anti-Israel extremists and people who just wanted a moron as SecDef.” Shapiro had written a story for Breitbart News that claimed that, according to sources from the Senate, Hagel had received support from a group known as “Friends of Hamas” which became a subject of controversy.

Despite opposition from the conservative press and Republican Senators Chuck Hagel will be the next Defense Secretary. Unfortunately for him he was confirmed the same week sequestration is set to kick in at the Defense Department which is sure to be a long, bitter, and at times surreal process. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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