Say Goodbye to Your Supplements: Drug Industry Fascism to take a Quantum Leap, via the FDA

I see very little coverage of drug fascism in progressive blogs. Although I don’t know if this is true any longer, I believe in past decades the Republicans were actually better than Democrats on health freedom issues. (Yes, you read that right.)

But, of course, in our inverted totalitarian system, citizens have continued their downward slide into serfdom, and corporations have increased their stranglehold on the government, through both Democratic and Republican dominated governments.

Well, while this specific issue of a major attack on health freedom may come as a surprise to progressive FDL readers, increasing attacks against personal freedoms, by corporations and/or government, should come as no surprise. This latest outrage may strip you of your right to purchase generally benign health food supplements, before the end of the year.

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In 1994, after years of armed raids, oppression and censorship by the FDA, Congress passed a law known as DSHEA. This is the law that essentially forced the FDA to stop regulating dietary supplements out of existence, and groups such as the Life Extension Foundation ( were instrumental in helping get this law passed in 1994.But one of the little-known sections of the law required dietary supplement manufacturers to “notify” the FDA any time they used a new ingredient in their formulations. However, the details on how supplement companies were supposed to abide by these notification guidelines (called “NDI” or New Dietary Ingredient rules) were never published by the FDA, and since 1994, this entire section of DSHEA has remained essentially unenforced (or selectively enforced).

Now, suddenly, the FDA has decided it wants to enforce NDI, and its enforcement of this technicality would essentially amount to the FDA denying permission to use nearly all dietary supplement ingredients introduced since 1994. So last Friday, the FDA proposed its new rules on NDI — on the Friday before a long weekend, no less, which is a common tactic government uses when it wants to do something that nobody notices — and these new rules run the risk of being adopted as active regulations, threatening virtually the entire dietary supplement industry with an eventual shutdown.Why did the FDA wait 17 years to take action on NDI rules? Believe it or not, this was mandated under the new Food Safety Bill (S.510 remember?) that Congress passed into law late last year without even reading the bill ( So now, the FDA has been forced into issuing these new guidelines, and it obviously is going to take every opportunity it can to destroy the nutritional supplements industry (and thereby protect the profits of Big Pharma).


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