KO Has Been Fired What Can We Do about It?

KO has been fired the next question is does anyone in the Left on MSNBC have any Stones? Will they walk in support of KO or will they say can’t because they got a contract?

Its time for Talent to walk or lose its Lefty Cred. In other words are they just paid talking heads or real progressives willing to risk everything for the Cause?

Rachel, Ed etc can leave the network in support of KO with a blue flu a common trick people on strike use. If they won’t support KO then why should we listen to them then?

O’Reilly can talk of Family Values and get a sexual harassment suit. Glen can scream hate one day then claim he never screams hate his flying monkey audience won’t ever leave him.

Lefties are not so desperate for love that we would turn a blind eye to a betrayal of our principles. Our Principles are to help others and have the government we pay for help others and we stand together to get things done.

Plus if all of MSNBC’s talent leaves Comcast can pick them off much more easily one by one if the Talent does not stand together and with non compete clauses keep them off tv for years which is what I suspect Comcast wants.

There is more strength if we stand together on principles together than if we LET the GOP take us down one by one.

The Dems Main Stream Media talks about us not taking to the streets lets see if our supposed Leaders are willing to take that advice themselves and Lead.

Imagine the power boost the Left would get if all of MSNBC’s talent left. In Chicago when Rupert Murdoch bought the Chicago SunTimes Dear Abby and Mike Ryoko etc  all walked to the Chicago Tribune rather than work for Rupert Murdoch.

If MSNBC can’t find replacements for all of them they would take a huge ratings hit.

Also imagine just what the ratings would be if NBC caved in and they all got back on air with better contracts? Better contracts with no no compete clauses and more freedom to pick guests like Koz and Jane .

Don’t tell me their contracts make it impossible its been done before.

In 1984, Rupert Murdoch, for whom Royko said he would never work, bought the Sun-Times. Royko commented that “No self-respecting fish would want to be wrapped in a Murdoch paper” and that, “His goal is not quality journalism. His goal is vast power for Rupert Murdoch, political power”. Mike Royko then worked for the rival Chicago Tribune.[6]For a period after the takeover, the Sun-Times reprinted Royko’s columns, while new columns appeared in the Tribune.[7]


Now then what can we do to help NBC and Comcast make the right decision? First we try and organize a boycott of Comcast. Even a 1% drop in subscribers in this bad economy will hurt. Also if an other Shooting happens those numbers of people canceling their cable should go up.

Next we ask why Free Market America pays so much for Cable tv but socialist France pays so much less for Cable? Obviously in this economy that issue would be a winner!

Next we demand Cable Free choice. We point out that to get basic cable Americans who are Left, Gay, African American, Jews and Hispanic etc in order to get basic cable have to pay money for Fox News Hate Media that insults us and calls for our deaths and now the closest thing to the Left the Media will allow on tv is gone!

I think consumers should have a choice about cable channels they pay for. If we push this idea we hurt Comcast’s revenue even more. We point out to Congress even the Nazi’s never made the Jews buy Mein Kampf. But in America Consumers don’t have even that much freedom of choice. We want the chance to not choose hate!

I think this moment  might be the spark we have been  looking for between that and Gabby getting shot I think the American people  will be receptive to the idea of having the choice to not pay for cable channels that call for their death just because they want to watch basic cable not to mention that every American would like cheaper cable bills.

We next point out to the American People that ever since Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine the news has lost viewers and readers for decades. KO brought in younger viewers the Demo that advertisers pay the most for because they buy stuff! Unlike O’Reilly who gets the bigger audience but older audience who don’t buy as much.
If Comcast is about making money they need KO.

We point out the sad state of the News when kids who watch Comedy Shows are more informed about the issues than Fox News viewers. We next demand Howard Stern sized fines on Glen Beck everytime he lies and threaten to pull him off the air if he keeps lying or calling for violence. Its funny obscenity can be regulated the public has an interest in keeping sex off the air for kids but we have no interest as a society to keep calls for violence away from the ears of the mentally disturbed who shoot people?

Its also Funny that Bush and Sarah won’t let their followers/Flying Monkeys hear them speak without first passing through a metal detector. The rest of America obviously can’t afford that kind of security 24/7. Yet Bush and Sarah I am sure will scream Free Speech even as they claim popular support for GOP policies while hiding behind their metal detectors.

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