David Frum: Throw McCain/Palin Under the Straight in the Ditch Express

Former Bush operative and conserative David Frum takes to WaPo’s op ed pages to urge the Republican Party to give up on the doomed/pathetic McCain/Palin campaign and send every extra dollar into the fight to save the Senate from Democratic domination.

It is a call we’re likely to hear more and more as McCain and Palin battle each other over which of them gets to steer their campaign buses over the cliff.

But it’s fascinating to read Frum’s argument for why saving the likes of Saxby Chambliss, Gordon Smith, John Sununu and Norm Coleman is so important:

"The government now owns a big stake in the nation’s banking system. Trillions of dollars are now under direct government control. It’s not wise to put that money under one-party control. It’s just too tempting. You need a second set of eyes on that cash. You need oversight and accountability. Otherwise, you’re going to wake up two years from now and find out that a Democratic president, a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House have been funneling a ton of that money to their friends and allies. It’ll be a big scandal — but it will be too late. The money will be gone.”

Ah, sage advice. After all, the Republican Administration has been shoveling trillions out the door to their favored financial institutions in a desperate attempt not to hold themselves or financial senior executives accountable for a world financial collapse.

I only wish it had occurred to us before how dangerous it was to have a single party with a rapacious ideology hold the entire federal government in a death grip. If only we had been more vigilant about leaving “oversight and accountability” to those who saw nothing wrong with wasting the environment, starting unnecessary wars, ruining the economy, screwing the middle class, increasing poverty, putting millions at risk of losing their homes, jobs, retirements and health coverage while further enriching the already rich.

It would be such a comfort knowing that the Republican Party that did this to the country was now assigned the task of shielding us from further damage.

Memo to Frum: Take your failed Party and get lost. 40 years would be about right.

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