Pastor Jones’ Teachable Moment

Pastor Terry Jones, a previously obscure fundamentalist leader of a congregation of approximately 50 people has vaulted onto the world’s stage like no other personage in modern history. Unwittingly Pastor Jones has fused the two of the most powerful forces in world to form a real live trigger for events that could lead to the horrific cataclysmic war of the East against the Occident prophesized in ancient Biblical scripture. This is the reason world leaders both religious and secular have been pleading and praying for Pastor Jones to forego his intended public burning of the Qur’an, the most sacred holy book to Moslems around the world. Pastor Jones appears to be a confused but serious "By God" person doggedly resolute to his convictions. If he awakes (without satisfactory compensation) on the morning of September 11, 2010, he will immediately get to the business of burning his cache of Qur’ans on the site of his small church. Publically, Pastor Jones has called the Qur’an, "the book of the Devil". Pastor Jones’ ignorant perception of all other religions outside of Christianity is that they all are tools and instruments of the Devil. The Christian Holy Bible is just a "holy book" to Pastor Jones, therefore he cannot conceive the fact that people of other religions regard the words of their Holy Scriptures as fully embodied living entities which collectively reign as the Divine Supernal Master of their own personal lives. Injurious desecration of any form to these Holy Words is to the faithful like unto such injuries being mercilessly inflicted on the flesh, bones and blood of their most beloved family members. The pain, and suffering experienced by true believers over such a sacrilegious event cannot be captured by any verbal description or possible written account, and only can be expressed by human anguish inherent in unvocalized loud continuous howls or ear piercing screams.

[Ed. note: balance of content can be read at this link at Booman Tribune.]

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