Love is in the Air: The Real T-Mobile Campaign Update

In the 1977 hit single, the singer John Paul Young croons:

Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound

Could this be the new theme music for T-Mobile USA?

Management with angel wings
The Real T-Mobile reports that executives from Bellevue (corporate headquarters) and Bonn (headquarters for parent company Deutsche Telekom) are showing up at workplaces to listen to employee concerns, to show their "concern" for employee welfare, and to promise real improvements in work life.

Angel wings
Management with angel wings. Photo: Toni Blay.

Employees tell us that management is suddenly "making nice" with employees – improving cell phone privileges, for instance, and letting tech workers have new trucks.

Trying to meet T-Mobile executives – mission impossible?
Interestingly, T-Mobile management would not let CWA participate in these captive audience meetings. Brian Brueckman, Vice President for Customer Service, recently visited the Allentown call center. Click here and here for two reports on how CWA Vice President Ed Mooney, union activists, and local elected officials tried to meet Mr. Brueckman to help deliver a better message to the Allentown workplace. Click here for the video.

Censorship at T-Mobile USA
The Campaign for Respect at T-Mobile seems to have caused management to crack down on those using new media. A couple of weeks ago, the company implemented a new Social Networking Policy, targeting postings or conversations on web sites, Facebook, and Twitter. Employees can no longer make anonymous comments about anything at the company. These are not business secrets we are talking about, folks. Employees are muzzled from disclosing any "non-public" information, which includes the terms and conditions of work. Click here to get the full story, including a copy of this censorship policy.

Why unions matter
Our T-Mobile customer care author, John L, has written a great argument on why unions matter. The union belongs at T-Mobile, he writes to some skeptical co-workers, because the union will bring respect. "We helped build T-Mobile," he writes, "our jobs are worth protecting and improving."

CWA union family
The CWA union family

John wrote another post in which he explains that the performance metrics used by management in evaluation of call center workers frequently hurt customers. For instance, the quicker a customer service rep fields a call, the better will be his/her "performance."
Yet, these fast turnaround calls result in more call backs by frustrated customers which hurts "performance." Conversely, the longer the call, the lower the "performance" but presumably the better the service, so fewer call backs and better "performance."
Got that?

Does T-Mobile Violate the Family and Medical Leave Act?

The Real T-Mobile has come across evidence that management might be violating the Family and Medical Leave Act. Managers force employees to use FMLA instead of filing for disability. One employee was fired while on FMLA-approved time off. Another worker had her FMLA approved time off count against her performance measures and was consequently fired. Click here for the details.

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