Primordial Grooves: Heated Headlines

It’s been a stormy week all over and the headlines have been too. Where does one begin? I suppose it begins and ends with the health care debate as it has for several weeks now. August is always hot and this month has seen some heated discussions taking place at town halls across America. Nevermind they’re being astroturfed by the Republicans who brought you the Brooks Brothers Riots in 2000, we got us a STORY says the MSM. In honor of the steely spined Democrats standing up for real reform with a public option, I present you the great song "No Compromise" by Paul Oakenfold. 

I was heartbroken for the families of the victims of the Lockerbie, Scotland bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 this week when I heard of the release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi to a hero’s welcome in Tripoli, Libya. I want to express my feelings to the families by reminding them the American people and the Scottish people are always going to be "Brothers In Arms" as described by native sons Dire Straits in their 1985 classic.

We’ve got more troops, legal assistance and money headed to Columbia for an increase in the effort against drug cultivation in Columbia and the region. A perfect song is found in Warren Zevon’s "Lawyers Guns and Money" and since this whole thing has Hugo Chavez nervous next door in venezuela, I thought O"One Thing Leads To Another" by The Fixx would be appropriate to add to the playlist.

It also came out this week that the CIA has been secretly working on an assasination program with the private security company Blackwater (now Xe). The company’s founder and CEO, Erik Prince has been a lot of legal jams lately, being accused of murder and gun running among other things. The Ventures give us a great instrumental version of "Secret Agent Man", a perfect theme song for Mr. Prince.

 Next up to finish off the playlist this week we have a trio of songs to fire up the activist in you. First we have the great modern classic "Stop!" by Against Me! the progressive band out of Clearwater, FL who have become rather outspoken activists with their music, a kind of US version of Billy Bragg in the form of a quartet. The song is a great reminder to folks to take some time to think about what is important and to decide to be part of the solution.

Next up is a reminder to the blue dogs of the party that if they keep up their actions the yellow dogs are not gonna work for them come next election. "Maggie’s Farm" was a great Bob Dylan song of his time that Rage Against the Machine did a version of that expresses how I feel about Democrats standing in the way of real reform.

Finally, a rousing crowd igniter of a song to end with is "Doctorin’ the Tardis" by The Timelords. Hey it works at large stadium   gatherings to get a rise out of the crowd, it works great as a playlist closer. See ya next week!

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