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October 10, 2013

Did Paul Ryan Win The 2012 Election?

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Something that seems to be missing from the government shutdown debate is that the “clean CR” President Obama and Congressional Democrats are demanding bares a striking resemblance to the Ryan Budget. So even if the Tea Party faction capitulates and passes the clean CR they have already won. The clean Continuing Resolution comes in at $986 billion. And what was the Ryan Budget? $967 billion. A mere $19 billion difference.

But didn’t Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lose the 2012 election? Wasn’t their agenda of sticking it to the so-called 47% thoroughly rejected? In fact, didn’t the Obama-Biden Team use the Ryan Budget as a punching bag during their campaign, so much so that Paul Ryan even distanced himself from his own budget proposal.

And now that properly vilified budget is essentially what the Democrats are demanding be passed while the House Republicans demand Obamacare be dismantled. Elections have consequences? Apparently not. Paul Ryan lost the election but his austerity program has been all but formally adopted and become the status quo that the party opposing him in the 2012 election is now advocating for.

Something has gone terribly wrong in our so-called republic when the people that lose the election get to govern the country.

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