Some Ag Subsidies on Their Way Out

By: Thursday October 13, 2011 12:57 pm

While more component parts of the American Jobs Act are readied for votes, Democrats plan to push a minibus spending bill, basically three of the twelve annual appropriations, with a little over a month to go before the latest continuing resolution to fund the government runs out. Senate Democrats had been considering taking up a [...]

CBO Analysis of Reid Plan Shows It’s Even More Similar to Boehner’s

By: Wednesday July 27, 2011 6:50 am

We now have a CBO report on Harry Reid’s plan, and what once again sticks out is the extreme similarities with John Boehner’s. Remember that the Boehner plan had discretionary spending caps, a “Super Congress” committee to recommend deficit reduction, spending on program integrity for several programs, increases in Pell grants offset by student loan [...]

Senate Dem Leadership Whipping Against Ethanol Subsidy Repeal on “Procedural” Grounds

By: Tuesday June 14, 2011 7:30 am

Tom Coburn’s big vote in the Senate on repealing $5 billion a year in ethanol subsidies is today, one that has support from both the Club for Growth and the Sierra Club. In fact, even the Koch Brothers – the KOCH BROTHERS! – support repeal. “Koch Industries has opposed federal mandates and subsidies for decades,” [...]

Specifics in Debt Limit Deal Pretty Minor

By: Monday May 16, 2011 11:37 am

The Biden debt limit talks seem to be moving toward some specifics, based on published reports. They are in line with what Eric Cantor offered a couple weeks ago when he essentially gave up on moving Medicare in the direction of the Ryan budget. People familiar with the negotiations led by Mr. Biden say they [...]

GOP Runs Away from Medicare Phase-Out; Debt Limit Deal Focused on Triggers

By: Thursday May 5, 2011 6:50 am

Today begins the bipartisan, bicameral deficit reduction talks led by Joe Biden. Being a semi-public meeting, it’s a sure bet that nothing will happen at it. But if the Washington Post got this right, then Republicans have already made a major concession to start the negotiation: Senior Republicans conceded Wednesday that a deal is unlikely [...]

Ethanol Subsidies Squeezed Into Tax Cut Bill

By: Wednesday December 8, 2010 7:59 am

I don’t necessarily think ethanol subsidies is at the heart of Jim DeMint’s opposition to the tax cut deal – he just doesn’t believe in compromise. It probably doesn’t hurt, however, that a form of the ethanol subsidies are included in the deal: The tax legislation that congressional Republicans and the White House have agreed [...]

Canceling Ethanol Subsidies Saves More Money than Freezing Public Worker Pay

By: Tuesday November 30, 2010 11:04 am

The UN conference on climate change kicked off in Cancun with virtually no hope for a resolution mutually agreeable to all nations. The heady days of a new treaty to follow Kyoto are gone. They’ve shifted to cutting industrial chemicals, soot and methane, instead of carbon emissions. Whatever progress can be made stateside will happen [...]

Conrad, Bayh Push Bush Tax Cut Extension-for-Broad Tax Reform Swap

By: Wednesday November 10, 2010 7:28 am

A day after Evan Bayh and Kent Conrad stood with Pete Peterson at the launch of his new deficit-cutting campaign, they came out with a new idea today, linking the Bush tax cuts to a broad rewrite of the federal tax code. Two top Senate Democrats floated the idea Tuesday of extending the Bush-era income-tax [...]

AR-Sen: Flurry of Ads Include Assault On Lincoln’s Support for Big Ag

By: Thursday June 3, 2010 9:35 am

The Arkansas Senate runoff has featured a multitude of ads and endorsements in the final week. Joe Biden pledged his personal support in a fundraising email. Labor has attacked Lincoln for her funding from oil company special interests and her votes for Wall Street and insurance companies. But this latest ad, from Arkansas for Change, [...]

Lincoln Blocked Stronger Limits On Ag Subsidies While She Collected Them

By: Tuesday March 2, 2010 11:40 am

Sometimes you write a story, you add a little kicker, and then you realize – a bit too late – that the kicker was actually the big story. Such it is with my post about Blanche Lincoln from this morning, about her collection of agricultural subsidies through her family’s rice farming operation. In it, I [...]

Blanche Lincoln Oversees Agriculture Subsidies She Has Received

By: Tuesday March 2, 2010 8:10 am

Yesterday, the White House endorsed Blanche Lincoln in her Senate primary against Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter, and the AFL-CIO endorsed Halter, committing $3 million dollars to an independent expenditure campaign for the May 18 race. Add that to the half a million dollars raised online for Halter within 7 hours, and he’s closing in [...]

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