MoveOn Asks Justice Department to Investigate Romney’s False Statements on Federal Disclosure Forms

By: Thursday September 27, 2012 8:22 am has sent a finding of fact to the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department, asking that they initiate an investigation into whether Mitt Romney lied on a federal financial disclosure form. This is an issue that arose back in July, during the debate over precisely when Romney left his job at Bain Capital. [...]

Financial Fraud Prosecutions Sacrificed in Favor of Hit Jobs on Political Enemies

By: Tuesday September 4, 2012 9:43 am

Talking Points Memo picks up on Eric Schneiderman’s investigation of Bain Capital’s tax avoidance strategies, and asks a couple questions about why the New York Attorney General is probing something clearly within the purview of the IRS. “[W]hat the hell is the Attorney General doing here?” asked Ed Kleinbard, a tax expert at USC’s Gould [...]

Schneiderman Investigating Bain Capital, Amid No News of Any Investigation on Mortgage Fraud Task Force

By: Sunday September 2, 2012 3:33 pm

As you may know, back in late January New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman agreed to a relatively toothless settlement over mortgage servicing and foreclosure issues in exchange for becoming a co-chair of a task force designed to investigate and prosecute fraud in the securitization market. According to Schneiderman, this would focus resources on “the [...]

More Romney Tax Stories Dribble Out

By: Tuesday August 28, 2012 8:56 am

Try as they might to shift to the economy, something always gets in the way for the Romney campaign. In this case, it’s the actions of Mitt Romney throughout his life to wall off his fortune from the Internal Revenue Service and ensure a continuing Romney aristocracy for the next generation. First, even by what [...]

Management Fee Conversion Saved Romney Millions in Taxes

By: Friday August 24, 2012 7:35 am

Mitt Romney made a statement last night that “big business is doing fine,” largely because “they know how to find ways to get through the tax code, save money by putting various things in the places where there are low tax havens around the world for their businesses.” This comes weeks after the entire media [...]

Romney Cites Desire for Privacy on Mormon Church Tithing

By: Thursday August 23, 2012 12:24 pm

Gawker just dumped 950 pages of internal documents, mostly internal audited financial statements, from 20 funds tied to Bain Capital, investment vehicles for Mitt Romney, which they claim “reveal the mind-numbing, maze-like, and deeply opaque complexity with which Romney has handled his wealth, the exotic tax-avoidance schemes available only to the preposterously wealthy that benefit [...]

Jon Huntsman Sr. Not Harry Reid’s Source, But Thinks Romney Should Release Tax Returns

By: Friday August 10, 2012 2:00 pm

We can rule out Jon Huntsman as the mystery source for Harry Reid’s claims about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. He told Greg Sargent today that he was not the source. However, he did encourage Romney to release the returns. Huntsman forcefully called on Romney to release his tax returns. This matters, because Huntsman is a [...]

Anti-Romney SuperPAC Ad Actually Highlights Policy Ambiguity in Affordable Care Act

By: Friday August 10, 2012 11:00 am

Seeking a rebound, the Romney campaign has charged that a new ad from an Obama-supporting PAC, Priorities USA, contains misleading information and falsehoods. The ad features Joe Soptic, a steelworker at a company taken over by Bain Capital, who lost his job in the aftermath. Later, his wife succumbed to cancer, as the family did [...]

A Plausible Explanation for Romney’s Tax Returns

By: Thursday August 9, 2012 7:36 am

The cult of the savvy dismissed Harry Reid’s claim that someone told him Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years as just a ploy to focus attention on the non-release of the Republican nominee’s tax returns. Surely Romney paid SOME taxes from 2000-2009, went the claim. But what if this all goes back to [...]

More Evidence Emerges That Romney Committed Felony By Lying to the FEC

By: Wednesday July 25, 2012 12:21 pm

That would be the alternate headline to this AP story about Romney’s Bain Capital timeline: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said he had no active role in Bain Capital, the private equity firm he founded, after he exited in February 1999 to take over Salt Lake City’s Winter Olympics bid. But according to Bain [...]

Stripping Away Political Debate, Romney Lied on a Federal Form

By: Monday July 16, 2012 6:19 am

It seems to me that Ed Gillespie made the mistake of telling the truth yesterday about Mitt Romney’s departure from Bain Capital. He said that there “may have been a thought at the time that it could be part time, but it was not part time,” and that “He took a leave of absence and [...]

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