Chris Christie Administration Facing Inquiry Over Actions On Second Bridge

By: Tuesday June 24, 2014 10:49 am

While New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is already shoulder deep in the investigation of illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, another scandal is growing over a second bridge under his authority – the Pulaski Skyway. The Pulaski Skyway is an elevated roadway that connects the New Jersey cities of Newark and Jersey City [...]

Chris Christie And Scott Walker Facing Criminal Investigations

By: Friday June 20, 2014 10:14 am

The field for the 2016 Republican presidential primary is hemorrhaging moderates. Both New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie and Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker are facing criminal investigations that could knock them out of the presidential race or even end their careers. According to the Associated Press, Governor Scott Walker is being investigated by prosecutors [...]

Study: Hedge Funds Taking Over Pension Fund Investments, Increasing Risk

By: Wednesday June 4, 2014 9:47 am

Recently Pando Daily broke a story about Governor Christie’s Administration violating pay to play laws by rewarding political donors with New Jersey Pension Fund contracts. The gist being that after General Catalyst employee Charles Baker donated money to the NJ GOP, General Catalyst received roughly $15 million to invest on behalf of retirees. While the [...]

Bridgegate: Christie’s Fmr Campaign Manager Said Governor Lied At Presser

By: Friday May 16, 2014 6:04 am

And another shoe drops. Now it is Governor Chris Christie’s former campaign manager, Bill Stepien, who has claimed that Christie lied to the public at his December press conference when Christie claimed no one on his senior staff knew about the illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Michael Drewniak previously testified that he [...]

Bridgegate Testimony Of Governor Christie’s Press Chief Raises More Questions

By: Wednesday May 14, 2014 5:48 am

Yesterday Governor Chris Christie’s Press Secretary, Michael Drewniak, testified before the New Jersey Legislature’s Special Investigative Committee on his role in handling the fallout from illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge aka Bridgegate. Unlike other witnesses called before the committee Drewniak did not take the Fifth Amendment though did often confer with an [...]

Report: Chris Christie May Have Violated Pay To Play Laws

By: Friday May 9, 2014 7:58 am

A report that broke early today at Pando Daily lays out a case that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie violated state and federal laws for giving benefits in exchange for campaign contributions or pay to play. According to the story Charles Baker, as an executive and partner at General Catalyst Partners, made a “$10,000┬ácontribution to [...]

Key Christie Strategist Subpoenaed In Bridgegate Probe

By: Thursday May 8, 2014 9:44 am

Michael DuHaime, one of Governor Chris Christie’s key strategists, has been subpoenaed by the New Jersey Legislative committee investigating the illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge or Bridgegate. DuHaime was previously cited in Christie’s own report as being a link between various figures involved in Bridgegate and may be able to reveal more [...]

Key Chris Christie Advisor Mike DuHaime Cited As Link In Bridgegate Report

By: Monday April 21, 2014 10:26 am

One of Governor Chris Christie’s key advisors, Mike DuHaime, has been cited as the common link between the different Christie officials and staff that are known to be involved in the illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. DuHaime is cited in a recent report issued by Christie’s lawyers to have been in communication [...]

Chris Christie Aides Attempted To Cover Up Bridgegate

By: Monday April 14, 2014 8:35 am

As yet another prosecutor, this time the Manhattan District Attorney, subpoenas records from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey new questions are being raised about the conduct of Governor Chris Christie’s staff in response to the investigation of illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Despite a report written by Governor [...]

Federal Grand Jury Now Looking Into Bridgegate

By: Monday April 7, 2014 5:58 am

ABC US News | ABC Business News After weeks of dodging subpoenas from the New Jersey Legislature’s Special Investigative Committee it seems the principal actors in the Bridgegate saga will have to testify and disclose documents after all. ABC News has reported that a federal grand jury has been convened by the US Attorney from [...]

Investigation Of Governor Chris Christie By Christie’s Lawyers Exonerates Christie

By: Thursday March 27, 2014 11:14 am

Brace yourselves, the tax-payer funded million dollar investigation into Governor Chris Christie’s conduct by Governor Chris Christie’s lawyers has found that Governor Chris Christie did nothing wrong. Case closed. Unless you think there might be a conflict of interest in having your own lawyers – paid to defend you – investigate your conduct. You don’t, [...]

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