‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels Join With Al-Qaeda Faction

By: Wednesday September 25, 2013 8:01 am

It is a good thing President Obama waved that terrorist provision in the arms export act¬†because he is now likely arming Al Qaeda. In a show of unity among the rebel forces fighting in Syria, a joint statement was made by both the ‘moderate’ and Al-Qaeda allied factions slamming interference by Western powers in the [...]

CIA and NSA’s ‘Black Budget’ Massive, Bloated, and Largely Ineffective at Stopping Terrorism

By: Friday August 30, 2013 8:14 am

According to the Washington Post, documents released by Edward Snowden provide insight into the so-called “black budget” of the CIA, NSA, and other off-the-books funded entities. Since 9/11 hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on building a massive intelligence machine that still cannot provide the president with adequate intelligence. It seems the “black [...]

CIA Files Show America Helped Saddam Hussein As He Gassed Iran

By: Monday August 26, 2013 7:30 am

As the United States government prepares for war with Syria over an alleged chemical weapons attack, a report by Foreign Policy magazine details CIA files that prove that the U.S. knew Saddam Hussein was launching some of the worst chemical attacks in history and provided him assistance anyway. Previously it was a matter of debate [...]

CIA Finally Admits Role In Iran Coup

By: Monday August 19, 2013 9:18 am

Well that only took 60 years. The CIA has finally admitted to its role in the coup that overthrew Iran’s democratically elected leader and replaced him with the Shah – a tyrant whose brutality set the stage for the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The revolution involved the storming of the U.S. embassy in Iran leading [...]

CIA Admits Spying on Noam Chomsky

By: Thursday August 15, 2013 9:43 am

After multiple denials the CIA has finally admitted to what more or less everyone¬†assumed was true – that the CIA had spied on Noam Chomsky. In theory Chomsky’s American citizenship and lack of being a threat to national security should have prevented this, but no. For years, the Central Intelligence Agency denied it had a [...]

CIA Fugitive Heading To The United States Draws Attention To Snowden Case

By: Friday July 19, 2013 10:00 am

While America does everything within its power to stop Edward Snowden from getting to South America, a CIA fugitive has just escaped Italian justice by flying from Latin America to the United States. The former CIA Station Chief, Robert Seldon Lady, was convicted in Italy for participating in kidnapping and torturing a Muslim cleric. A [...]

CIA Funding Study To Develop Climate Control Technology

By: Wednesday July 17, 2013 7:50 am

As it becomes increasingly evident that the effort to meaningfully curb carbon emissions is doomed, some of those in the security services are looking for alternative avenues to control the threat of climate change. The CIA, for instance, is funding a scientific study to see if humans could develop technology to stop or diminish climate [...]

Endgame, Inc: Inside The Company Inside Your Cell Phone

By: Tuesday July 2, 2013 10:30 am

The contractor the NSA pays to help hack your cell phone has an interesting history woven within the larger story of the explosive growth of cyberwarfare companies in the Post 9/11 era. The massive growth of the cyberweapons industry has been driven by governments, principally the United States, who in the name of defense have [...]

CIA Agents Were Embedded With NYPD And Had “No Limits”

By: Friday June 28, 2013 5:54 am

According to a recently declassified Inspector General report the CIA embedded four intelligence officers inside the New York Police Department even though an Executive Order and the National Security Act of 1947 explicitly forbid the CIA from conducting domestic surveillance. The report, completed in 2011, says that officers believed there were no limitations on their [...]

CIA Anti-Leaking Campaign Memo Leaked

By: Thursday June 27, 2013 7:29 am

CIA Director John Brennan, a leaker in his own right, has launched an anti-leaking program inside the CIA called the “Honor the Oath” campaign. How do I know about this? It was leaked. CIA Director John Brennan is launching a new campaign aimed at pressuring CIA officers to keep the intelligence agency’s secrets secret, after [...]

NSA Swaps Information On You With Private Companies For More Information On You

By: Friday June 14, 2013 8:35 am

Freedom isn’t free. The National Security Agency along with the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies of the U.S. government has been swapping information with private companies. In exchange for private companies giving the intelligence agencies information on their users, the private companies receive access to classified intelligence. The Corporate State indeed. Thousands of technology, [...]

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